Hi everyone,

today I’m showing you our version of this pinned recipe. We already made it twice, it was just wolfed down last time before I had a chance to take some pics. This time I insisted, no one was to touch it before I got som photos, but I only had a couple of seconds to grab my mobile and take some shots with it:

Foto Foto

Another couple of seconds later:


Approved! We love! Definetly a keeper. And we had exactly the amount of needed buttermilk from yesterdays cake as a leftover in the fridge. These two recipes go well together, I’d say. Have to keep that in mind!

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Pinterest day- buttermilk coconut pound cake

Hi everyone,

it’s Pinterest day. And today, I have something so good for you, it was not so easy to take a picture before it was gone…

Foto Foto

This is the buttermilk coconut pound cake from a Martha Steward recipe. Here’s the link to the pin. This time,  it was my big, four-year-old daughter’s turn to make the Sunday cake, and boy, that’s what she did. The cake is delicious and tastes definetly like MORE. We love it and it will have it’s space in the familiy’s recipe hall of fame. We love it!

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New category: Pinterest day! Today blitz brunch bake

Hi everyone,

I don’t know about you but I’m a total addict of pinterest. Believe it or not, I already pinned over 4000 things. It’s about time to try some of the ideas! So this is why now we do have pinterest day! Every time I try a recipe, pattern, craft idea or whatever, I’ll let you know. To start, my little boy, who’s a big brother now, and I, tried this recipe for a kind of cheese cake, I’d say. He’s two years old and had no problem whatsoever to whip it together, so full points for how easy it is. Here’s how it looked, not exactly as in the picture with the recipe, but OK.


The family liked it…


And here’s the happy cook, eating his share.


It was made in no time, but I had to google all the cups of whatnot to have an idea into how much grams and ml this translates. The cake was nice but not as delicious and creamy as it looks on the pic. We do have better recipes for cheese cake and even though it wasn’t a desaster at all but rather pleasent, this one will not make it on our personal recipe collection.

Did you have some cake this weekend? And did you already try stuff from pinterest?

Have a nice week,


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Has it been so long? Really?

Hi everyone,

I can’t believe it has been sooooo long I made appearance at this little space. Well, however, what can I say? I was kind of busy…

Busy producing this little beauty!


Here comes another model, our lovely babygirl number 2. Big sister and big brother are happy and proud.

OK, but I did produce some other stuff in the meantime, so lets start with some nice swirl hats from this pattern. I altered the pattern a bit, first I made a knit row for every first purl section, then the bigger hat has some more stitches and the rib section at the bottom also is a bit longer. Now fits like a glove and the models love it.

swirl1 swirl2 swirl3

I promise it won’t be that long next time. And I’ll share some other new ideas, like for example I’m starting to be a revamp-fan. Take old clothes and make something new out of it, that sort of thing. Well, you know, with 3 kids now, I better start saving some money!

Have a nice day,


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Hi everyone,

I was on holiday! Now I’m back and I’m showing you today the nursery of our baby (who in the meantime is 18 months old today. Just didn’t have it in me until now to take some photos.) So here it is, a laundry bag, nappy stacker and some deco since I had still some of this lovely Robert Kaufmann fabric left. It’s turquoise, it’s owls. What could I possibly want more? I hesitated a long time to mix it with black. I thought maybe to serious for a nursery, even if it’s a boy? But then I did it anyway and I like the combo. What do you think?

Here’s everything together. The laundry bag normally is not on the changing table…

Speaking of the laundry back. The pattern is from Amy Butler’s Sewing for little ones. However, I didn’t get the instructions, I remember. But that was ages ago. Maybe I would now? The inside is of oilcloth (Ikea) and in the black part is a slit to get the laundry in and to get it all out, you can open it on top.

See the slit?

Here’s the diaper stacker. Am afraid there’s no pattern, made it up myself as all the patterns out there seem to include using a hanger. Didn’t like that.

And here’s what I did with the rest of the lovely fabric. No more left. Love it.

What do you think? To dark for a baby boy?

Have a nice weekend,


Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 13.05.2012

Scrap cardi

Hi everyone,

here it is, my second cardi for myself this year.

I bought some Lang Yarns MerinoSeta in antique pink, offwhite and dark brown, that was way less expensive than it used to be. Only problem was, I hadn’t enough of one colour for a whole cardi. I thought about it for a year or so (no, I don’t feel it’s useless to buy yarn to stock and think about it later!) and had this idea for this cardi, as the colours were working together quite nicely, at least I thought so. Then I started to look out for a pattern for a cardi with a yoke, needlesize 3.5-4mm and settled for this one. Not that I had alot to choose from, to be honest. What is it with yoke and this needlesize, I thought? Now I know: ENDLESS stockinette knitting. Forever. The pattern is not much of a pattern really, but more of an advise. In the beginning, I didn’t get it at all but refused to let go after hours and hours of work and a million lose ends.I was halfway done with the bodice but then had to admit that it just wasn’t fitting. At all. The math was killing me. Not to talk about the million loose ends that would make a million little balls of yarn. I did it anyway.

As you can see, I’m generous with pics of this thing, for I’m so madly in love with it!

OK, so for the ones of you not afraid of going on in stockinette forever and not willing to figure it out for yourselfs: here’s what I did!
For a European size 38-40:
gauge 10x10cm: 22 stitches, 32 rows. I am a rather tight knitter.
Increased to 272 stitches, continued yoke in random stripe pattern in garter stitch for 18 cm, continued in brown, stockinette stitch for another 2cm. Made 2 buttonholes in yoke.
Diveded 45 front, 46 for one arm on holder, 90 for back, 46 for other arm on holder, 45 for other front.
Knit 45 of front, pick up 20, knit 90 of back, pick up 20, knit 45 of other front. Continue in stockinette, make third buttonhole.  Continue to desired length, always ending and beginning by 5 stitches knit,purl, knit, purl, knit so that ends are not rolling in, continue to desired length, adding garter stitch finish in desired length, bind off.
Arm: Pick up 46 st on holder, pick up 5, pick up 20 from underarm-piece (from body)and place sm in the middle (after 10), pick up 5, close to the round (76 st). Next round: of the 5 stitches you picked up, knit 2 together on both (74 st). Continue in st st. until desired length. I always try it on while I go. For cuff, take your 3 colours, change randomly, and go back and forth in st st, not knitting in the round any longer. the sm is the end/beginning. Continue to desired length and bo.
Next arm: same as first.
Weave in all 236.744 loose ends. Add buttons. Done.

If I may say so myself, the result was worth it. I’m in love with it. I’m wearing it all the time. The yarn is so incredibly soft. And light. It’s a bit fiddly to knit with, but I like it. What do you think should I do now with quite some leftovers in antique pink and off with and a bit of dark brown? I thought about doing the same again, this time with antique pink as main colour. As now I have my pattern. But I’m not out of my crazy mind and doing it again. So if you have any pattern suggestions, let me now!

Have a nice evening,


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Happy mitts

Hi everyone,

today the “bigger” present of the swap with my neighbour. And I did a pair for myself and a pair for a dear friend of mine. Result: 3 million loose ends to take care of. But I love these. They are really happy. You can find the free pattern here.

Here they are. Can only recommend to try, it’s easy and nice!


Have a nice Sunday,






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Mobile Monster

Hi everyone,

I know… very long time, very no see. No photos is why. I really did some stuff, I just didn’t want to take photos. And this one, I couldn’t show you before, because I was having a swap with my neighbour. We agreed one one “bigger” and one “smaller” present, general theme was “coloured”. The smaller one I did for her was one of these mobile monsters. Genious as I am I didn’t seem to have taken a pic of it before I gave it to her… so I show you mine. If she’s going to publish hers, I’ll link you back. So here it is:

I’ll show you the “bigger” pressie soon. I took a pic!

Have a nice weekend,


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Next stop- cars…

Hi everyone,

that’s what I said a couple of posts ago. Then I forgot to take pictures. Then the weather wasn’t good. Then I forgot. Then I talked about something else. Anyway, now I can finally show you! I followed this pattern, but did in in the round. I found some nice buttons for the cars and even planes!

I love the trafficlight as a topping. That’s cute!

Have a nice evening,


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Hi everyone,

time for a new hat. Lately, my model told me that she doesn’t own a red hat! Can you believe it? So a red hat she got. With hearts, even if not requested. My model thought it was a good idea. I followed this pattern and I thought it would be a lot more easy-going. It wasn’t. In fact, I had to re-open a few rows, one shouldn’t look telly at the same time. Anyway I like it. It’s cute.

It’s knitted with rather smallish needles, so it takes some time to complete this hat. But I think it’s so cute, I’m seriously considering knitting one for her best friend’s birthday, as well!

Have a nice weekend,


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