Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 06.06.2009

Here we go!

Thinking about blogging for quite some time now, the best husband of all finally helped me getting this blog, my model is ready to go, ok, so am I! I am planning on sharing with you things I made from patterns and also stuff I invented myself. So I will start sharing with you stuff I knitted (or crocheted) during the last year. Have a look at this absolutely lovely hat by Susan B. Anderson. If you don’t know her, go buy her 2 books (third is coming in November, I’m so excited!) and check out her website here. So what you can see is the cupcake hat from Itty bitty nursery. Or  baba au rhum, as we call it here. My model is on my arm, overlooking snowy Switzerland from our ex-balcony. This is an easy and quick one to knit, the design is gorgeous and the coulors oh-so-girly-I-like-it! Regards,


bon appetit



  1. I just bought Susan B. Andersons book. Still unsure how to crotchet… but LOVE your knits girl!

    • Thank you!

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