Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 25.06.2009

Already half way there!

Can you believe it? Only 6 months to go and it will be Christmas again! So, if you are planning to make some presents yourself, you have to get started maybe, at least with collecting ideas. Let’s see who will get something! Of course and first of all, my daughter and the best husband of all. Followed by brothers and sisters and brothers and sisters-in-law (5 on both our sides, 8 if you count non-married), their kids (4 altogether,between 1 and 8), parents and in-laws (more than 4 would be strange, no?), the model’s godmothers (one of which is a sister-in-law), some friends and kids of some friends. So I hereby invite you to leave comments with ideas. Speaking of godmothers, the model lately celebrated her christening. These photos are from the dress rehearsal.


As you can see, she is wearing a selfmade christening gown. The pattern is from this book. Of course I changed some things like colours of the flowers and so on, but essentially, this is it.


The hat pattern is in the book as well, as are the little shoes.


I liked it alot, though it was too hot and altogether quite heavy, so she really only put it on in the church, the hat she refused completly. But let me tell you, quite a lot of work to do for only one day, or only one hour, more precisely. I would recommend it only if there are more kids to be christened around. That’s why you can change the ribbons to blue ones. You never know….

Have a nice weekend, regards,



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