Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 05.07.2009

To all the Harry Potter fans!

So, obviously, as everybody does, we love the Harry Potter books. The best husband of all and myself, once on holiday in Poland, prepared with a list of English bookstores over there, rushed into one practically the minute the last one came out and bought the book immediatly and of course, started reading. In the end, it wasn’t really necessary to look up the English book shops as it was available practically everywhere else. Anyway. We got it and loved it. And so, when thinking about what kind of little treat I could make for the kids being present on the model’s christening (a boy included, so that’s not going to be easy-peasy girly stuff), I thought about Harry Potter and the pattern I once saw here. The golden snitch!  All the kids got one, the model included. Here it is:


Isn’t it cool? The best husband took the photos and because they are so cool, here comes another one!


Of course, and this is my nature, I changed this and that in the pattern, like smaller yarn size, more rounds to get the ball and so on. But the pattern is really easy and you can make it practically in no time at all. I think it would be nice hanging over the models bed. We’ll see. Make yourself a golden snitch, it’s worth having one! Have a nice week



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