Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 11.11.2009

Happy birthday, lovely!

Isn’t this the loveliest birthday girl you have ever seen?


In case you didn’t notice: her hat is a birthday cake. The real birthday cake I made is supposed to look like the hat and vice versa. My model even practised to blow out the real candle with the candle on the (cake-)hat. I know, it’s a hat for just one day, but she is still using it, now her teddy is wearing it quite often and she continues to blow out the candle.

The hat is another super-project from Susan B. Anderson, from her book “itty bitty hats“. The stripes are supposed to be pink or blue for girl or boy, but I liked green and I think my model did, as well. I think I mentioned Susan before… I’m quite excited, I ordered her new book and it is on the way now. It should only take days to get to me! So much to knit, no time to do it all. Have to go, have a nice evening




  1. Hello dear neighbour!
    what lovely knits!!!!! I’ve already seen a couple in real, lucky me!!!!
    I’m looking forward to tutorials from you!!!!
    have a nice weekend!! ūüėČ

  2. Le bonnet est super rigolo !

  3. […] case you wonder, here’s information on the hat my model is wearing. She just wanted to, no birthday in […]

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