Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 30.11.2009

So cute!

As you know, we celebrated the model’s first birthday lately. Now have a look what my dear neighbour created for her! Isn’t that cute?

As you can see, she quite likes it! If you’re interested in more of her work: this is a blogging house! You can find her blog here!

Meanwhile, look at the other side:

It’s absolutely adorable and it took me quite a while to figure out how this was made. Quite confusing for a not-sewer…

The model is also a not-sewer and she as well tried to figure it out:

And she finally got it!

Merci beaucoup, C., c’est absolument adorable. Il faut que moi aussi, j’apprenne la couture. Les vendredis: atelier couture et tricot?

Have a nice evening,




  1. Que c’est joli de voir mon “oeuvre” sur la jolie petite destinataire!!!!!
    Ouiiii, pour les ateliers tricot-couture!!!

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