Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 11.01.2010

Snowman in the snow

Still winter! Yeah!

The neighbourgirls built a snowman! So did I:

You can see the best husband ever carrying my model up the hill so she can slide down in no time giving her mother a heartattack. On her head is a snowman. Guess who designed the hat? …. correct!!!! Susan B. Anderson. What can I say? I just like her stuff.

Here they go… down the hill again.

OK, now, here is the ensemble:

The hat is from the lovely book Itty Bitty hats.My husband asked for a mouth, so I added one. The mouth wasn’t added in the original design.

Some more details of the knot in the scarf:

The pattern for the mittens is here, available for free.

I added the embroidery and the nose to match it with Susan’s hat. I like the nose….

So, all in old, I’m happy with it. And more important, the model loves the hat and the mittens, she is carrying them all the time. You may have noticed that the photo above is inside our flat…

Have a nice week




  1. I really love this hat!!! and yes, without the mouth it wouldn’t be complete…
    And with matching mittens, that’s cool!!!!
    wow, and my grils snowman is there, too! ūüėČ
    snow is just great!

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