Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 10.03.2010

For my loved one….

Most of the time I knit for my model. But sometimes I do something for myself (rarely) or for my husband. You probably know that knitting for men is tricky- all the good stuff is forbidden as they love it simple. For example, forget about a lot of colours. Or flowers. Or other fun stuff. Anyway, I found a pattern that got approval. Front and back was really boring to knit, but what do you expect. The sleeves were fun. I even had the fun to re-do half a sleeve as I found a tiny mistake at the bottom.

So here you can see the best husband ever wearing his new pullover:

He chose the wool and the colour himself, that helps. The pattern was even for free and you can get it here.

Here’s the boring back:

He likes it, I think. He’s wearing it without me running around in tears telling him he’s hating the pullover….

I made the sleeves somewhat longer, that’s no problem. I like that it’s really fitted.

One of the sleeves. An interesting cable pattern.

Have a nice evening.




  1. Wow!
    it’s a really nice jumper!
    … even without flowers! ūüėČ

  2. Thanks for sending me this up-date

  3. Quelles belles arabesques.
    Les tresses sur les manches c’est aussi beau que sur le devant. Bravo.

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