Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 27.03.2010

A special scarf for a special woman

Happy birhtday to my sister-in-law! Today is her birthday and as she lives hundreds of kilometres away, I packed this scarf up some weeks ago and sent it to her. Today, she unwrapped it, so I can share it with you.

It’s called “Rose of Tralee Scarf” and the pattern is free, you can get it here. When I saw it I immediatly thought that it is just perfect for her. As you can see, it is crochet, but it looks harder than it really is.  First you work the scarf, after that the roses and in the end you have to sew it together (with about a million loose ends waiting patiently for you…).

Here is a rose.

Here am I, modeling myself, as the best husband of all would not in any case do it.

I really like how the leaves of the roses touch the neck and the single rose in the neck.

Have a nice weekend. I can promise a really nice Alan Dart easter special for next week.




  1. what an incredible scarf!!!!
    and C. wouldn’t model with it? He’s missed something! 😉

  2. wow.

  3. Fantastic! It’s a great design, especially the roses. May I ask you where you found the pattern?

  4. Click on you can get it HERE in the post. Then you are on the lion brand site. There you can browse patterns, take free crochet patterns, scarfs.

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