Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 02.04.2010


I start with apologizing for all the photos I’m going to show you. I know. But I MADE THIS! WITH MY OWN TWO HANDS! ALL ALONE! And I can’t sew. That’s why there are no close up’s. You would see that I can’t sew. OK, I sewed this bag because I hoped that my model would like it. Not because I’m so nice, I have to admit, but because she’s very keen to have my handbags (yes, plural, yes, as many as she can grab) and once she’s got one or more she will empty it. I don’t know about your handbags, but mine sure have some stuff inside you can throw around the flat. So I made this:

The pattern is from this lovely and stunning book, I really want to make every single thing. This woman is so talented, I wish I was her (at least concerning sewing). I’m afraid you have to be fluent in French to use it. I’m sure sooner or later there will be a translation, it’s too good not to be translated. Anyway, let’s see what the model thinks about it.

Not bad…..

Feels fashion-forward….

Looks good on me…

A lot of space to put my stuff inside…


Think I’m happy with it!!!

And she actually is! And she is leaving alone all my handbags ever since. The is filling and emptying it with her own stuff most of the day. That was worth all the effort (and I can tell you, not following the advice of the author concerning the tissue for the bear on the bag but taking the inside of an old, ugly jacket inside…. nothing I can recommend, it was snowing fur in the living-room!).

Have a lovely long weekend




  1. it’s so cute!
    little model looks very happy indeed!

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