Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 17.07.2010

Yes! Temperature is down again!

Why I like that? Because that gives me the opportunity to dress my model in the latest finished cardigan and hat, both of which I’m really proud of. The pattern for the cardigan is a really basic one, I saw on ravelry that somebody invented a nice mushroom pattern and I tried to do so as well. So, let’s have a look! I’m a bit proud of the outcome….

And here are the buttons, I made them myself!!!

And the mushroom pattern:

And the hat:

OK, so here are the patterns: basic cardigan pattern and gooseberry hat.

Have a nice weekend




  1. lovely cardigan!
    the mushroom are a blast! I love them!

  2. any chance you could share the mushrooms chart? they look so wonderful!

  3. […] fitting! The pattern is not really for newborns, it’s the same I knitted for my female model here. I just knitted it on 2.5mm needles and started the decreasing sequence somewhat earlier. Well, […]

  4. […] loooooooooong while ago I showed you this cardi I made for my […]

  5. So cute and autumny!

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