Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 27.09.2010

What I finished…

…. during holidays!

A dwarf’s trousers, pattern for the trousers are here. Embroidery was added afterwards (what a work….). I saw something similar on a Dutch website and thought that it would be something for my model. And I was right! She likes it! Here we go:

And I have pics of the other side, of course…

A real model-smile…

And if in need of some close-ups…

And a bit closer…

some ladybirds:

some mushrooms:

and a dwarf:

Yes, I’m proud. So what? And I know, I kept on adding, but for a little girl! I like it!

Have a nice week!




  1. fantastic trousers!
    no wonder she likes it!!!!

  2. Quel joli travail, tricot et broderies.
    Tu as été inspirée par Jack et le haricot magique?

  3. C’est magnifique ! Quel travail!
    Bravo !

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