Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 08.10.2010

Birthday present

Quick knit for my model’s friend’s birthday! Happy 3 years! Pattern this time invented by proud self.

I quite like the colour combination. And I think my model does as well. She needs something similar, I think, maybe with different topping. We’ll see. Anyway, happy birthday, little neighbour, thank you for inviting us for your 3 years! If you want to have a look of the receipient with new hat, have a look at the blog of my neighbour (not the 3 year old, the mummy).

Have a nice weekend (and be prepared for upcoming birthdayparty of my model!)




  1. Thanks a lot for this beautiful present!
    I love the colours and the pattern with the loops on top! great!
    I’m actually quite happy that the weather cools down a bit for her to wear it now! 😉

  2. This is such a cute hat. I’ve come this way from Ravelry and am wondering if you’ve posted the pattern somewhere? Thanks!

  3. Sorry, until now I didn’t, I didn’t think that interest would be high. But I’m thinking about writing some patterns down in near future now!

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