Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 01.11.2010

What I was up to- little hungry caterpillar

Hello everybody,

I know, quite I while since I last posted something. But I hope waiting was worth it, as I did this:

Even the model immediately identified the little hungry caterpillar, so quite some relief on my side. The idea for this cardigan is from Jen Small, who does quite some amazing stuff. Go check out her blog. She doesn’t give a pattern for this, for copyright reasons from the Eric Carle Foundation (or something like that), but she told me how she did it. I took a pattern for a simple cardigan with hoodie from a French baby knitting magazine, and then I knitted the caterpillar pieces (head, bodyparts) seperately freehand and attached them afterwards. I stiched on some feet and antennae, eyes and nose after that and then I added a zipper. The first ever. And I was quite pleased with the result, that is definetely not the last zipper I attached. It’s not that difficult! Anyway, I’ll show you some a lot more pictures from the details of the cardi, because I’m quite pleased with outcome and self.

and some more details:

and the famous zipper:

Have a nice week,




  1. I’m totally in love with this one!!!

  2. Adorable, ce mille pattes.

  3. It is truely magical!

  4. I just saw this on Ravelry. It is so beautiful. I love it!

    • Thank you! I made this ages ago but only published it now on ravelry.

  5. I’ve just seen it on Ravelry, too!:) An amazing, adorable little cardi!:) Congratulations!!!

  6. Was für eine tolle Idee! Die Jacke sieht klasse aus!
    Herzliche Grüsse,

  7. […] so I really like the little hungry caterpiller, as you might have guessed from this post. So we did one again! We took some cotton pads and painted them in different shades of  green with […]

  8. Über-cool!

    • Thank you!

  9. What a lovely cardigan! Is it possible to have the pattern? My daughter loves the hungry caterpillar and she is currently suffering from grueling surgery and is on a old-liquid diet and just know this will cheer her up!

    • As I said, the pattern for the cardigan is from a French knitting magazine. I could send you a copy if you can understand the instructions, but this is just the cardi. You can take any cardigan pattern that suits you.I really knitted the caterpillar-parts freehand, keeping an eye on the book and then attached them to the cardi.Afterwards some embellishments and that was it.Jen Small, who had the initial idea, copied the caterpillar with a copymachine, enlarged it, cut it in pieces and knitted the pieces with these as a guide. So I’m afraid there is no such pattern. I’ll be happy to help with any question you might have!

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