Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 17.11.2010

Ladybird alarm!

Finally: birthday ensemble! This year’s birthday theme is: ladybirds. So we have a hat with mittens and matching napkinrings for the birthday party. There were also a ladybird-cake, but we don’t have a good photo and anyway it wasn’t as red as intended, was more kind of pink, because I didn’t add enough colour to the frosting. We also had ladybird-deco in all shapes and sizes, of course. OK, you want to have a look?

Hat and mittens:

Hat close ups:

Hat pattern by myself, ladybirds from Alan Dart, the ladybirds from the arch.

Mittens close ups:

Pattern here, I added antennae and eyes.

Matching napking rings:

My index finger was completely numb for about 2 weeks after cutting out all the paper for the rings. But I think the kids liked it.

Have a nice evening




  1. this birthday theme was fantastic! i love ladybirds! your knits are cute and the cake was yummy!

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