Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 28.11.2010

Advent, advent!

Hello everybody,

this year’s advent calendar is finished several days before the actual due date! You get a little sneak preview and I’ll show you the content every once in a while. The idea is that it is a calendar for the model and husband together, they’ll find an ornament every day. They then can get decide where on the tree to hang it and in the end the tree will be completely decorated. I thought it would be nice to have something non-commercial, non-chocolate. Pockets for the calendar were formally known as cussion cover and the tree is felt. The buttons are self-made fimo, as I didn’t find ready-made buttons I liked.  I participated in a kind of sew-along for the calendar, it wasn’t actually my idea. The link is here. So here we go, have a look and as I said, will show the tree getting decorated every now and then.

Yes, I know I should iron it, especially the tree. Never was a iron person, never will be. Have a nice countdown to Christmas,




  1. with all the decorations, nobody will see that it’s not ironed… 😉
    very nice x-mas calendar!
    a non-commercial version wouldn’t work for my girls, they wait for the chocolates and mini-presents….

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