Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 29.12.2010

And for the boy – cars!

Hi everyone!

Should we continue with the Christmas presents? OK, this one is for our nephew who’s nearly 3 years old and likes cars quite a lot. I tried some sewing, the buttons are homemade from Fimo and the cars are chosen and bought by husband (as I’m not qualified to choose good cars, to me, they all look the same). Fabric from Ikea…

This would be the smallest transport possibility.

Here’s how it looks if you close the first row of the buttons.

Selfmade Fimo button.

Open and cars in action.

Some cars in parking lots.

Transport modus. All cars inside parking lots.

The idea is to have a little journey parking and play thing for cars. I hope he likes it as my sewing skills are far from perfect. I saw something similar on this blog and in this book and I picked what pleased me and what I thought I would be capable of sewing. Have a happy new year, I’ll be back with more Christmas presents, the final version of the advent calendar and some special Christmas tree decoration.





  1. I’ve seen it in real! this is a great present for a boy!

  2. And he liked it! (at least that’s what the parents told me…)

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