Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 21.01.2011

It’s nice, because it’s mice.

Hi everyone,

Here’s an ensemble, Christmas present for my model, that got a bit out of control. First, everything started with the book, a book for kids that talks about a little mouse who knits up an enormous purple scarf. Perfect, I thought, what more do we need to read? So initially I made a scarf that matches the scarf in the book. Then I added the two mice on the scarf. After that, I thought: “Would be nice to have a hat that matches.” The hat had to have a mouse as well, of course. Next: “Well, hat without mittens, that’s not a real present.” So I made mittens. Mouse-mittens. And as I was at it, I made a mouse. And added the purple scarf. And that’s how it went crazy. Started off reasonable with only a book and a scarf.

Everything together.

The scarf, pattern from this book. All mice from Alan Dart, from Christmas tree decoration.

Hat pattern from this book (what else?), my first time I lined a knitted hat with fleece. Lining is not complicated. But, if you want my advice: try the fleece hat on the kid or head or whatever before. It doesn’t strech like the knitting does. I made three before it was OK.

Mittens from this book, pattern called “puppy mittens”. I thought they looked like mice.

The mouse called Mimi. Pattern from Whimsical little knits from Ysolda Teague.

Anyway, crazy or not, the kid likes it a lot.

Have a nice weekend,



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