Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 30.01.2011

More christmas presents


some time before Christmas, my father-in-law requested a hat. Request was as follows: he doesn’t have a head for hats, nothing is fitting, nothing suits him. It has to be a hat that’s fitting and that suits him. It should go over the ears and I’m free to choose and go wild with colours. An elevated eyebrow of my mother-in-law at that point told me to maybe not go too wild with colour…. So: an easy task! After searching the ravelry-database for a while, I agreed, after long discussion with myself, on this hat. As you can see, I run totally wild with colours… and no, the lovely guy modeling the hat is NOT my father-in-law, it’s my husband!

What can I say, he (father-in-law) likes it a lot, at least he says so. Now best husband ever is requesting a hat, too, same instructions, but no going wild on colours and he thinks this hat is not bad, but not ideal for him, as isn’t any hat he ever saw. I’ll have to design one myself and am seriously thinking about it. I already chose wool, black and orange (which he likes) and now I only have to come up with the perfect man’s hat. Working on that! And as I’m at it, am also working on some baby/toddler hats and will write down patterns as I’m knitting along so I can put it on ravelry. Will have to find 2 or 3 test-knitters for different sizes, though, I think. I’ll keep you posted,




  1. this is a nice hat!
    and the colours are nice man’s colours!!!!
    (and I won’t offer myself for test-knitting, except if you can have my results in a couple of months as i’m very slooooow in knitting) ūüėČ

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