Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 03.02.2011

Craft studio 2

Boy I’m late posting this! As you know, I’m having a weekly craft studio with my neighbour for our little girls. Second time we did this, it was her turn to prepare things. Now look what she did! She sewed aprons for the girls! The kids then did a simple potato printing on the aprons (the lovely cupcakes) and the mums finally added the cherries (buttons). Lovely project, and certainly a lot of work to prepare.

No need to tell you that the model loves it!

We already had 4 meetings, so I try to show you the other 2 this week, then weekly. So be ready for the little caterpillar next. Passion of me…



  1. Can you please stop making such gorgeous and adorable nick nacks you’re making me feel very lazy and useless! I’ll have to start posting some of my fairycakes on the web!

  2. Fairycakes? What’s that? Send me a picture! And a how-to….

    • It’s English for Cupcakes, we usually! eat them too quickly for me to get any pictures!

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