Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 13.02.2011

Happy Valentine- my first pillow!

Happy Valentine everybody!

Sad news is that since the arrival of my new male model, knitting time is limited. He just doesn’t want me to knit. I can only knit if best husband ever takes over duty in the evening. On the plus side: he loves the sewing machine. Which is kind of good as I’m kind of a complete sewing idiot. Beginner. And I’m not very patient. All speaking against sewing. BUT: the sewing machine has about the same effect on the male model as car driving has: he’s falling asleep immeadiately. So sewing it be. Fine with me. Here comes a makeover of a really ugly faux fur hideous blue pillow. Tissue looks like Switzerland, comes from Sweden and is now cheering up the room of the first model. And it’s a heart, so I had to post it today.

So if the male model will not change his preferences to knitting in the next couple of weeks/ months, you’ll have to live with more sewing attemps of me.

Have a nice evening,




  1. Well, this cushion is really nice!!! (I’ve seen the blue fluffy version…)

    PS: bring your aprons with you tomorrow… ūüėČ

  2. Like!

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