Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 23.02.2011

Sneak preview

Here’s a sneak preview for my first pattern, a babygirl hat. I’m writing up everything at the moment, takes more time than I thought. Anyway, here is a little sneak:

And I’m on a babyboy hat, also.




  1. Love it…super cute!!

    I would also like to know where I can find the pattern for the hat your baby is wearing at the top of your webpage. I love that hat.


  2. Thank you for your interest. In fact, I didn’t have a pattern for the hat at the top. It was one of the first published items. You can have a look at it here:
    I’m on it to reknit it (more or less) and writing down the pattern this time, but that takes a lot of time, I’m not used to it at the moment, but I’m planning to release patterns on a regular basis in the future. So stay tuned, it’ll come out sooner or later!

  3. hahaaaa, I’ve seen the hats!!! both hats!!!!
    they’re absolutely great!!!!!

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