Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 19.03.2011

Nappy bag

Hello everybody!

I ordered some really really lovely fabric and ribbons here and fabric here. I was so exited when I opened it and then I was scared to cut it. And as I was at it, I ordered some LOVELY ribbons here. Here’s now what I did. After I found the courage to cut it. A nappy bag! I took a look at a lot of tutorials, but none really was what I wanted, so I made my own pattern up according to my needs. Feasable for a sewing newcomer like me. The toadstool from the front is from this tutorial and the crochet button from this one, both patterns slightly changed.

From the front:

The piece of ribbon I used in the front was a gift from my neighbour! Thank you!!! As you can see, I used a little leftover on the toadstool button and the millimetres that were left on a longsleeve shirt for my model yet to be published.


The buttons are Fimo homemade:

Here’s the back. This ribbon was a leftover I had from some babyshoes I made.

Here’s the inside. I wanted it to have two different pockets for nappies for “her and him”, my model and my male model, as they are having different sizes.The white spot is where the name tag is.

Make an educated guess which pocket is for him an which one is for her:

This is the other side for wet wipes and cream:

I’m really happy with it. It is exactly as I wanted it to be. Of course it’s not perfect but I don’t care. In case you’re wondering: yes, I intended to go over the top with all the ribbons and toadstool and stuff. I love it like that and best husband ever is still not refusing to take it along with him, as long as he doesn’t have to carry it around but leave it in the pram.

Have a nice weekend,




  1. It’s really lovely!
    let me guess, the cars are for male model?????

  2. […] don’t know if you remember this nappy bag. I wanted to have a changing pad that goes along with the design, but without any crochet as the […]

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