Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 25.03.2011

Craft studio 10- fabric letter

Hi everyone,

this week it was my turn again to come up with something for this week’s crafting meeting. Lucky me, I saw  this post just in time. Initially, I had somehing else in mind but I didn’t have the time for preparation. So, here’s what we did:

I cut out the first letters of the children’s names:

I really considered making an “I” for both of them shortly (they wouldn’t notice, they can’t read! HA!), because especially the S was a pain. I wanted to make the letters of the corresponding siblings as well, but gave up because of numb thumb. Cutting cardbox hurts!

We then took fabric scraps and the girls got to glue them on the letter:

This is the result after the kids were done:

Just a little trimming by the master of desaster me:

All done! Hanging in her room now!

Have a nice weekend,




  1. Voilà, c’est aussi publié chez moi!!! ^_^

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