Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 05.04.2011

Craft studio 12- doodle your own bag

Hi everyone,

this time it was my turn to prepare the weekly craft meeting. Lately, I bought some textile crayons and this was the occasion to try them out.

I cut some fabric before our meeting and then I let the girls loose!

Difficult choice…

Little neighbour’s art work!

Nearly finished!

My model’s art work!

Nearly finished!


Final touches? After the girls decided that they were finished, they had to choose lining and then went off to play a bit while mummy sew the thing together. The results:

Little neighbours bag.

My model’s bag.

And closed.

Number 2 closed.

Lining my model chose.

No, you can’t get it to take some pics. It’s MINE!

First thing my model did was looking for her mobile (not real one, but she calls everybody anyway), put it inside and is meandering around everywhere handbag-style with it ever since. She even insists to take it outside (shopping groceries etc, who knows who will call her?). Success, I think. Sewing time? 10 min per bag. “Pattern” my own. Just fumbled out something.

Have a nice week,




  1. great “fumbling”, I say!!!!!!!

    well, little model knows that one needs to stay connected with agents at the sock exchange… who knows what important deal would be lost without a mobile phone???????

  2. ehhh, STOCK exchange, not sock exchange… ūüėČ

  3. At least one going to be rich in this family!

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