Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 20.04.2011

Craft studio 14- sew a bunny

Hi everyone,

this time it was my turn and I learned only short time before that the big sister of my model’s friend will participate because of the school break. So I had to whip up something quick. I didn’t really have a lot of  ideas that could include kids from 2 to 6. So I came up with this:

I drew a bunny, as you can see only half a bunny, folded the paper in half and cut it like that so it gets symmetrical. I’m not a very talented one when it comes to drawing…

I then copied the silhouette on construction paper and started stabbing around randomely with a bigger size needle:

This is how it looked when ready to go:

I prepared needle and thread (exciting! until now it was soooooo forbidden to touch a needle… I took needles without sharp point):

I was really prepared to get some alternative fingerpaint or something out. I thought the little ones at least would get frustrated as it is really demanding fine motor skills. But no! My model, the youngest, LOVED it! YAY! And I couldn’t believe my eyes! She did it so well!

The result after 45 minutes of pure fun. Here are the results of the other 2:

Lesson learned: Do not underestimate a 2-year-old!



  1. That is too cute! All the children did a great job!

    • Thank you! I think so, too. And they did it a lot better and as a matter of course than I ever would have imagined.

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