Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 17.05.2011

Quick bib- guess where we’re living!

Hi everyone,

here’s a quick bib, can you guess where we’re living? Pattern from this book. It’s more of a baby bib, so I think it’s too short for my model, but she doesn’t want to hand it over to little male model (who’s in need for quite some bibs from next month on, am I excited or am I sad that he’s already such a big boy? Both, probably). Anyway, here it is:

For a couple of weeks now, I’m reading on quite some blogs that people try to do at least one project out of every crafting book they own before being allowed to buy another one. I think I’ll also try to stick to that for now, which comes in handy by the way, as my maternity leave is going to end very soon and I won’t be paid for some months. Not a good combination, being addicted to books in general and amazon because of ridiculous habit of having to actually own the books I like, with no salary and ongoing costs for food and flat and such. So here’s my resolution: next projects will be 1) from books I already own or 2) free tutorials/ books of friend that they lend me (get the hint, bablette?)/ library books or 3) stuff I invented myself with 4) fabric and wool I already own. Isn’t that awfully grown up? We’ll see how it goes. If I’ll  stick to it, I’ll get myself a treat with the first salary after restarting work ( I don’t want to think about it. Restarting work, that is). Of course, using fabric/ wool that I get as a present is allowed (get the hint, husband?).

Next step, I’ll take some pics of my crafting books library and we’ll get started.

Have a nice week,



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