Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 31.07.2011

Quilted table runner

Hi everyone,

I did it! I actually quilted something! Of course it’s not perfect and everything, but it’s ME who did it and I actually quite like it. It’s a quilted table runner, following ( as long as I liked the instructions…) this tutorial. I couldn’t use scraps as I nearly don’t have scraps (other than kid’s fabric), so it was a bit difficult for me to cut in all the nice fabrics I collected and didn’t use so far, but I think it was worth it. Have a look:

I think we’ll need some matching place mats. I think I’ll do another one with Christmas theme. You know, not even 5 months, then it’s Christmas! And in the meantime I’ll have to take care of two darling-model-birhtdays and a christening. By the way, if anyone has recommendations concerning christening gown for boys: don’t hold back!

We have another day off tomorrow, bank holiday, for all of you where this is the case: have a nice day off, for all others: have a nice start!




  1. Very lovely!!!!!!
    And the fabrics you used are terrific!

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