Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 16.08.2011

Christening cake- test run

Hi everyone,

I know, I’m a bit lazy lately when it comes to posting, but to defend myself: I had to restart work. Hard thing after maternity leave, a lot  of precious time with the kids and myself, I got quite used to play around all day, do whatever and whenever I want and craft things each day. These days are gone now…. no, not so happy about it! Anyway, my model and I, we made a cake this weekend. Test run for christening cake for the male model, just wanted to know if it works and wether it’s really as easy as this tutorial says. And surprise, it really was easy. Here’s a picture:

Of course kitchen and myself were battlefield afterwards, but what counts is that I think it will look awesome on the photos for my models christening. I’m happy with this one, really. For me, with this one, the looks come first, taste second. But guess what? It even tasted good! At the inside, it’s not the same cake as in the tutorial. We only could manage to eat half of it. The rest is frozen at the moment and we’ll try look how it defrosts and then I can decide if I’ll make it even a week or so before the christening. That would be just great, considering all the food I’m going to make…

Another picture, only because I like it so much!

And another thought that just crossed my mind: I’ll take the photo above and print it on a card for a newly wed couple. I have (ordered) the loveliest gift ever, I’ll show you. I think it’ll make the perfect wedding card!!! Yeah!

Have a nice week,






  1. I will come anytime to test-eat the de-frozen one!!!!! 😉

    • It’s actually in the freezer of my in-laws… ours is not big enough.

  2. Beautiful!

  3. I love how you varied the sizes of the roses! I’ll have to try that next time!

  4. Thank you, but I vary by accident…. To have it completely covered. I like yours!

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