Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 29.08.2011

Goodbye presents and tutorial link

Hi everyone,

today I’ll show you some goodbye presents for the teachers in my model’s nursery. As she changed the group to attend now the group for the big kids (she’ll be turning 3 in October, we’ll come to that later!), she sadly left behind all the devoted, lovely persons who cared for her 3 days a week. Anyway, we made some presents. I love to plan, make and wrap presents, don’t you? Nearly better than to get presents!

So this pic shows you the pressies, already finished. Want to know what was inside?

Mobile covers for everyone, a keyring pendant for the male teacher and headbands for the ladies.

Here’s the keyring pendant. My model obviously picked the ribbon. Good choice! Her group in the nursery was called: the pirates!!!

Headbands for the ladies. Reversible! As before, model picked the fabrics. I followed this tutorial!

And concernig the mobile covers:

Hop over to a red apple, where I’m guest posting today and giving a turtorial on how to fumble these lovelies together. The one on the picture is mine, I love to carry around a piece of art made by my daughter. I think it’s quite stylish, actually! Guest post is in German, but if anyone needs translation, let me now.

Have a good week,



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