Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 03.12.2011

Advent again!

Hi everyone,

I did it! I finished it, I tamed the beast! Why in h…. did I only start to make it last week is beyond me, but anyway, it’s done and hanging on the wall. And we will re-use it next year. And the years after. I’m not doing this every year for sure.

So now, let me introduce you to THE ADVENT CALENDAR 2011:

This is the whole thing.

A part of it.

And now, some house numbers:

Did you see who looked out of house number 11 and 24? Thank you, Ikea….

From behind. Enough space for 24 little one-story-books. Gladly, my model likes it a lot.

I found this post for a guide, enlarged the pattern freestyle and added a pocket behind for the daily gift.

What did you do to have an Advent calendar this year?

Have a nice second advent,




  1. You are just crazy! ūüėČ
    And I hope you’ll re-use this fantastic calendar!!!
    Happy Advent tou you all!

  2. […] I was happy to get some buttons that I think are just made for it. I already used them for this year’s advent calendar. […]

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