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Hi everyone,

so today, I’ll show you. The masterpiece. So much work. LOVE the outcome! I’m going to explain. I knitted and crocheted 10 toys. Lovely ones, by the way, I’ll tell you when I show you. We then photographed them from different angles in a photostudio kind of way. We (that is: best husband ever and not so photoshoppy self) decided how we wanted the toys to be placed into scenery. Then best husband took over and did it. I found one place only to order a picture book with thick enough pages to not be destroyed by little ones. And here’s our countig book! I ordered ten, and as I made ten toys, we now have 10 lovely new baby gifts for new little babies. Well, actually, 9, as we’ll keep one. Here it is!

Want to have a look inside?

One flamingo standing on one leg… the lovely pattern is from my all-time-hero Susan B. Anderson.

Here you can see the “photostudio version”:

Next page and original:


Another free pattern from Susan.

Free pattern I found on ravelry.

Pattern from here.

Found the star for free on ravelry somewhere, The moon is photoshopped.

Toadstool pattern made up myself, only one, photographed from different angles.

Next to Susan, I have another hero. Alan Dart. This page is my absolut favorite. See how the light reflects on the faces? I love it!

This pattern was also a freebie. And the little octopus is soooo cute.

Another free one!

And last not least:

Can’t remember where I found it, but was free as well!

To give credit to the person with the original idea, have a look at this! I got the idea here.

I hope you like it!

Have a nice day,





  1. This is sooo adorable!!!! ❤

  2. Thank you! But you already knew it!

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