Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 12.02.2012

Ice age

Hi everyone,

I think we can cut off any discussion if a new ice age is coming or not. It has arrived! But at least, with all its beauty! Lake Geneva is so lovely, summer and winter. I’m happy to live here. It’s adorable. Let me show you what’s happening right now:

Floating ice sheets! In Switzerland! Not north pole or something.

Lots of tourists making sometimes hundreds of kilometres to take some pictures.

Must have been a tourist… I kind of like how the tire has sunk into the ice.

OK, so what kind of car is that?

And that one?

Have a seat, make yourself comfy!

All in all, a lot of beauty around here lately. But I’m glad all my fingers are still where they belong. It’s as freezing as it looks!

Have a nice evening,




  1. Die Kälte springt aus den Bildern, aber es ist ja ein umwerfendes Panorama! Bombastisch! Wir beneiden Euch um den Schweizer Winter.
    Bleibt gesund!

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