Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 03.03.2012

My Sylvi

Hi everyone,

here it comes. My Sylvi. The loveliest piece of handknit I ever did. But it took me years and tears. I once did it. Without trying gauge, I admit. I completed both sleeves, the back and part of the first front, when I had to admit that it was way of gauge and a lot too short. It had to be frogged. After that, I let it hibernate for a year and a half or so, because I just couldn’t see it anymore. All that seed stitch… Well, finally I redid it, going up a needle size. Gauge was fine but it still is way shorter as in the pattern. I added length to the sleeves. But I love it as it is and I will definetively knit more from this designer. I love her stuff.

Pattern from here. I have to say that you can find some really nice patterns on the twistcollective site. Go have a look!

OK, here are some pics of my Sylvi. I love it and I’m wearing it all the time. Weather is good at the moment, permitting me to show off everywhere, it is replacing a jacket.

hood down….

…hood up…

…detail on the back…

…front side… the detail is not in the pattern, I invented it while knitting.

Detail I added.

All in all, I’m absolutely happy with it. Really happy.

Have a nice weekend,




  1. This is just fantastic and even more beautiful in real!!!!

  2. Wow, its very fantastic. Griessli Cornelia

  3. Gorgeous!

  4. You invented that? Stunning!

    • No! Of course not! Pattern link is in the text. It’s from one of my favorite designers:Mari Muinonen. YOu can find the pattern via ravelry or twist collective.

      • Sorry. I got confused by the comment about the detail on the front. Admittedly I hadn’t read the top part of the post very closely as I was busy drooling over the pictures! 😉

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