Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 04.03.2012

Patch tutorial

Hi everyone,

one of this year’s resolutions was to have some more tutorials. I thought about once a month. Well. It’s march. Let’s get started…

I don’t know about your kids, but mine always get holes in their jeans. Always right side first. I don’t know why. Fate, I suppose. Then there is the serious problem that I hate the commercial patches. I don’t think that they are really pretty, to say the least. So I made some myself. I will show you the others another time, but let’s start with this one first, because I like it the most and I’ll show you how to do it.

If you like it, here’s how to do (Kind of ridiculous, me giving a sewing tutorial. But whatever..)

First, get the favorite puzzle of your around three year old child (as puzzle pieces have the perfect size).

Mine was with a bit of a dragon tail, but this is not important for the process 🙂

Then take a scrap bit of loden cloth or other robust fabric. Doodle around:

Cut out your puzzle piece.

It should look like this at this timepoint.

Take a pair of jeans (or other) with hole:

Now is the time for seam-ripper! You’ll have to open the side seam if you’re not a very, very gifted hand-sewer (I’m not). Open it wide enough to get it under the  sewing machine without trouble. Should look like this:

Pin your piece of fabric puzzle over the hole.

Sew around with a narrow zig zag stich. When secured, turn to wrong side. Close seam with straight stitch and secure with zigzag stich (or use fancy overlock or whatever you have at hand). Wrong side should look like this now:

And you’re done! Put on the little hole-maker and let him destroy other side!

Hope you like it, have a nice Sunday,



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