Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 12.02.2013

Has it been so long? Really?

Hi everyone,

I can’t believe it has been sooooo long I made appearance at this little space. Well, however, what can I say? I was kind of busy…

Busy producing this little beauty!


Here comes another model, our lovely babygirl number 2. Big sister and big brother are happy and proud.

OK, but I did produce some other stuff in the meantime, so lets start with some nice swirl hats from this pattern. I altered the pattern a bit, first I made a knit row for every first purl section, then the bigger hat has some more stitches and the rib section at the bottom also is a bit longer. Now fits like a glove and the models love it.

swirl1 swirl2 swirl3

I promise it won’t be that long next time. And I’ll share some other new ideas, like for example I’m starting to be a revamp-fan. Take old clothes and make something new out of it, that sort of thing. Well, you know, with 3 kids now, I better start saving some money!

Have a nice day,




  1. Congratulations to your youngest one!! And nice your are back blogging. Best wishes!!

    • Thank you!

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