Posted by: zwergenzwirn | 17.02.2013

New category: Pinterest day! Today blitz brunch bake

Hi everyone,

I don’t know about you but I’m a total addict of pinterest. Believe it or not, I already pinned over 4000 things. It’s about time to try some of the ideas! So this is why now we do have pinterest day! Every time I try a recipe, pattern, craft idea or whatever, I’ll let you know. To start, my little boy, who’s a big brother now, and I, tried this recipe for a kind of cheese cake, I’d say. He’s two years old and had no problem whatsoever to whip it together, so full points for how easy it is. Here’s how it looked, not exactly as in the picture with the recipe, but OK.


The family liked it…


And here’s the happy cook, eating his share.


It was made in no time, but I had to google all the cups of whatnot to have an idea into how much grams and ml this translates. The cake was nice but not as delicious and creamy as it looks on the pic. We do have better recipes for cheese cake and even though it wasn’t a desaster at all but rather pleasent, this one will not make it on our personal recipe collection.

Did you have some cake this weekend? And did you already try stuff from pinterest?

Have a nice week,



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