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Patch tutorial

Hi everyone,

one of this year’s resolutions was to have some more tutorials. I thought about once a month. Well. It’s march. Let’s get started…

I don’t know about your kids, but mine always get holes in their jeans. Always right side first. I don’t know why. Fate, I suppose. Then there is the serious problem that I hate the commercial patches. I don’t think that they are really pretty, to say the least. So I made some myself. I will show you the others another time, but let’s start with this one first, because I like it the most and I’ll show you how to do it.

If you like it, here’s how to do (Kind of ridiculous, me giving a sewing tutorial. But whatever..)

First, get the favorite puzzle of your around three year old child (as puzzle pieces have the perfect size).

Mine was with a bit of a dragon tail, but this is not important for the process 🙂

Then take a scrap bit of loden cloth or other robust fabric. Doodle around:

Cut out your puzzle piece.

It should look like this at this timepoint.

Take a pair of jeans (or other) with hole:

Now is the time for seam-ripper! You’ll have to open the side seam if you’re not a very, very gifted hand-sewer (I’m not). Open it wide enough to get it under the  sewing machine without trouble. Should look like this:

Pin your piece of fabric puzzle over the hole.

Sew around with a narrow zig zag stich. When secured, turn to wrong side. Close seam with straight stitch and secure with zigzag stich (or use fancy overlock or whatever you have at hand). Wrong side should look like this now:

And you’re done! Put on the little hole-maker and let him destroy other side!

Hope you like it, have a nice Sunday,


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My Sylvi

Hi everyone,

here it comes. My Sylvi. The loveliest piece of handknit I ever did. But it took me years and tears. I once did it. Without trying gauge, I admit. I completed both sleeves, the back and part of the first front, when I had to admit that it was way of gauge and a lot too short. It had to be frogged. After that, I let it hibernate for a year and a half or so, because I just couldn’t see it anymore. All that seed stitch… Well, finally I redid it, going up a needle size. Gauge was fine but it still is way shorter as in the pattern. I added length to the sleeves. But I love it as it is and I will definetively knit more from this designer. I love her stuff.

Pattern from here. I have to say that you can find some really nice patterns on the twistcollective site. Go have a look!

OK, here are some pics of my Sylvi. I love it and I’m wearing it all the time. Weather is good at the moment, permitting me to show off everywhere, it is replacing a jacket.

hood down….

…hood up…

…detail on the back…

…front side… the detail is not in the pattern, I invented it while knitting.

Detail I added.

All in all, I’m absolutely happy with it. Really happy.

Have a nice weekend,


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Ice age

Hi everyone,

I think we can cut off any discussion if a new ice age is coming or not. It has arrived! But at least, with all its beauty! Lake Geneva is so lovely, summer and winter. I’m happy to live here. It’s adorable. Let me show you what’s happening right now:

Floating ice sheets! In Switzerland! Not north pole or something.

Lots of tourists making sometimes hundreds of kilometres to take some pictures.

Must have been a tourist… I kind of like how the tire has sunk into the ice.

OK, so what kind of car is that?

And that one?

Have a seat, make yourself comfy!

All in all, a lot of beauty around here lately. But I’m glad all my fingers are still where they belong. It’s as freezing as it looks!

Have a nice evening,


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Hi everyone,

so today, I’ll show you. The masterpiece. So much work. LOVE the outcome! I’m going to explain. I knitted and crocheted 10 toys. Lovely ones, by the way, I’ll tell you when I show you. We then photographed them from different angles in a photostudio kind of way. We (that is: best husband ever and not so photoshoppy self) decided how we wanted the toys to be placed into scenery. Then best husband took over and did it. I found one place only to order a picture book with thick enough pages to not be destroyed by little ones. And here’s our countig book! I ordered ten, and as I made ten toys, we now have 10 lovely new baby gifts for new little babies. Well, actually, 9, as we’ll keep one. Here it is!

Want to have a look inside?

One flamingo standing on one leg… the lovely pattern is from my all-time-hero Susan B. Anderson.

Here you can see the “photostudio version”:

Next page and original:


Another free pattern from Susan.

Free pattern I found on ravelry.

Pattern from here.

Found the star for free on ravelry somewhere, The moon is photoshopped.

Toadstool pattern made up myself, only one, photographed from different angles.

Next to Susan, I have another hero. Alan Dart. This page is my absolut favorite. See how the light reflects on the faces? I love it!

This pattern was also a freebie. And the little octopus is soooo cute.

Another free one!

And last not least:

Can’t remember where I found it, but was free as well!

To give credit to the person with the original idea, have a look at this! I got the idea here.

I hope you like it!

Have a nice day,



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Our house… in the middle of the hall!

Hi everyone,

it’s playtime! We got a huuuuuuuge cardboard box lately (well, we got what was inside and the cardboardbox came along with it) and thought it to be to precious to throw away. So what do you do when you have an architect in the house? Let him do his work, that is!

We added some light (the little chain-light-thingies you get for near nothing after christmas as they are supposed to be hanging on the Christmas tree, we got them one by one through the roof and the kids have their own light switch) and curtains (of course). And door plate. How could we not?

And what can I say? It’s a huge success. They are in it playing all the time. They got the doll furniture inside, some pillows, sometimes they even take blankets…

They even have over night guests sometimes!

And look who got stuck in the chimney lately:

I can only recommend to build one for your kids. Mine are playing inside for hours. OK, fighting for door closed or open, curtains closed or not, light switched on or off… but anyway. I know, it’s nowhere near the stuff liar does, but we are having fun anyway!

Have a lovely weekend,



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Bulky topper- for ME!

Hi everyone,

believe it or not, I did something for me. And I love it! Will wear it every day now until I finish the next thing on the needles that is for me only (and already casted on!). The last things I made for me (if you are not counting gloves and hat) was at around 18… This is one of my New Year’s resolutions: make stuff for myself.

So, let me show you what I had in mind first:

This is (or, to be correct, was) the famous Shalom cardigan, which I love, don’t get me wrong. Only, the fit was awful. So I undid it, with kind of a bleeding heart, but I won’t wear it like that. Have to try again. In the meantime, I did the bulky topper from the last Vogue Knitting, and holy cow, I LOVE IT!!! I even forced husband into taking some pics the day the thing got blocked, so I can delight you with the adorable thing immediately.

Great design, warm, comfy, just right. Am completely happy with it.

Have a nice week,


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Christmas dress

Hi everyone,

here’s the dress I made for my model for Christmas. The pattern is from the last Ottobre. As you may have noticed, I kind of have a thing for toadstools. So I added some. Then the upper part kind of felt naked. So I added a 3D toadstool pending from a pocket. The only problem is that she is fumbling around with it constantly.

The front:

The toadstool:

And the back:

I like it!

Have a nice evening,


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Christmas presents- baby carrier

Hi everyone,

let’s open another present! This one is for my model, and she LOVES it! Pattern is from this book. Overall, I like the book a lot, and maybe it’s because I’m a sewing beginner so I didn’t get it, anyway, I ended up having fixed the straps on the wrong side and had to re-open the whole thing 2 days before Christmas and let me just tell you that I wasn’t happy. At all. But in the end, it’s nice.

I was happy to get some buttons that I think are just made for it. I already used them for this year’s advent calendar.

Here, you can see it in action on Christmas eve. We’ll talk about her dress later 🙂

And on a walk with her dad, who had her little brother in another baby carrier (not made by me).

Have a nice week,



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Another present unwrapped: potholders

Hi everyone,

I know, who wants to get potholders? I mean really, potholders? Why, of course my model! She loves them!

And here they are in her little kitchen.

She is really happy to have them and not to have burn her hands with all the hot stuff she is handling in her little kitchen 🙂

Idea and pattern from this book, but I changed the flower, I didn’t like the original one suggested in the pattern.

Have a nice weekend,


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More presents- wag the dog

Hi everyone,

I forgot to show you these:

So we can start to have a look inside these ones. These were presents for our 3 nieces and nephew, so what they got was this film:

And these hats, they are slightly different in positions of spots.

I made the hats using this pattern, but only as a guideline. I knitted the hat in the round, added the spots afterwards and did the ears in stockinette stitch, making every ear twice and sewing them together afterwards so they keep nice and streight and not rolling the edges.  Seems like they enjoyed the film fully equipped, meaning with their hats on and a dalmatian puppy cuddly toy already existing in their household.

I made these because I thought it’ll give some fun photos for three brothers and sisters in the same kind of dalmatian hat.

Have a nice evening,



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